Organisation Development

It concerns the 4C’s of our approach and how you can (re-)build a robust organization.

“Get More Done”-Thinking

At GMD we are keen to help you with your most intractable issues while ensuring your organization remains robust. We can to this through “Get More Done”-Thinking which incorporates:


Organizational Climate


Organizational Culture


Framing of Challenges


Ensuring appropriate Compensation

Each of these is a fundamental aspect to bringing your organization to the level you need.

Organizational Strategy & Culture

Culture first, Strategy second. Culture will eat Strategy for breakfast. Make a great Strategy and the Culture will dictate implementation; foster a great Culture and your Strategy will land on fertile ground.?We use a proprietary way of linking the three most critical elements that build on “Get More Done”-Thinking:

  • We map your Culture
  • We map your Strategy onto the Culture
  • We map your Management Team onto the Strategy and the Culture

In this way, you know where you should follow your instincts and where you should follow your plan.

Process, Deliverable, Implementation

All our work at GMD goes through the same steps:

  • Process – designing and advising on the right process to use; parties to be involved, communication to be done
  • Deliverables – clearly defined SMART deliverables; defined milestones for no-surprises delivery
  • Implementation – too much of what consultants do is give you well-thought-through, highly intellectual, completely digested, stacks of paper. We do not; we ensure that what we do gets implemented; the job is only done when you are using what you have asked us to do.

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