What GMD Does

– We help managers
– Who are in business transitions…
– Set aligned business priorities…
– With the planning and expertise to deliver on those priorities.

We also do quite a bit of business insight through “GMD Thinking” articles and research which blends experience and wisdom gained through:

• Executive level practice in European and Asian mergers & greenfield startups
• Extensive executive coaching and leadership transition advice
• Development of best-in-class HR initiatives to challenge, retain, and compensate key people
• 15 years teaching and interacting at the cutting edge of Change Management and Organizational Development


Deep understanding of the strategy-culture-people system; change analysis, planning, and implementation; a grounded and experienced-based understanding of the complexity of your leadership and change challenges.

Dr. Peter R. Gillies

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Just contact us at: +31 6127 84 902 or send your message to peter@gmdconsulting.eu and we can discuss whether or not we ar the right partner for you and your organization.