Building a robust organisation

Align strategy & culture

“Get More Done”-Thinking can be found under Organization Development. It concerns the 4C’s of our approach and how you can (re-)build a robust organization.

Improve your management

Management Team Development is a big part of our Thinking and an area where we have had great success. You can read about a practical example of what we have accomplished.

Boost your profitability

Debtor Psychology promises to be a huge boost to financial services companies and their efforts to find profitability while supporting the macro-economy as it crawls out of the current malaise.

We all benefit

Debtor Psychology considers the effects of social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and businesses. This book presents and translates that into what it can mean to debt collection.

These psycho/economic models integrate insights about how self-interest, rules-of-thumb, and other non-rational features of business life affect your business and how you can use them to promote effective communication with your clients and customers.

Debtor Psychology supplements and enhances your knowledge of, and approach to, customers through insights obtained from portfolios, demographics, and individuals. By applying certain frameworks to your existing client portfolios, you can engineer more effective collections strategies for you and your clients.

This book represents true Innovation; it concepts are not plug-and-play, but they do provide straightforward ideas that can be implemented for your particular clients or portfolio profiles.

We All Benefit - Peter Gillies

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